Diana Marculescu Interviewed in Swedish Electronics Journal


October 1, 2002

Diana Marculescu, Assistant Professor of ECE, was interviewed in Elektroniktidningen, Sweden's largest electronics publication, similar to the EETimes, on the Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous (GALS) design style, one of the "hot topics" in architecture and system design. In the piece, Without GALS, Moore's Law Will Perish (available in Swedish), Marculescu predicts, I think IBM, Intel and others are aware that only by using GALS can they keep Moore's law alive for another 5--10 years using current technology.

The article expects the SoCs of the future will be built on asynchronous communication between islands of synchronous circuits, with GALS technology raising the performance of semiconductors. GALS is a good compromise between synchronous and asynchronous design, Marculescu said.

Headshot of Diana Marculescu

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