Biomedical Engineering and ECE Meet Demands of Growing Biotechnology Industry


September 9, 2002

CMU's College of Engineering has created a Department of Biomedical Engineering to meet the growing needs of an emerging new biotechnology marketplace that has pumped more than $4 billion into the regional economy in 2000. Tapping into a long-established culture of interdisciplinary education and research, the new department offers a double-major curriculum where each student must complete the requirements of a traditional engineering program plus a palette of nine biomedical engineering courses ranging from physiology and biochemistry to biomedical engineering design.

"We are the only school offering this dual-major degree in biomedical engineering," said Todd Przybycien, head of the new Biomedical Engineering Department. "We feel students need a broader toolkit to be competitive in today's job market, so our biomedical majors can opt for a double major curriculum that may include mechanical, chemical, electrical, computer, public policy, materials science, and civil and environmental engineering."