Narasimhan Wins IBM Faculty Partnership Award


July 16, 2002

Priya Narasimhan, Assistant Professor of ECE and SCS, won an IBM Faculty Partnership Award for $40,000 for her work on building secure dependable web services. She is collaborating with IBM's Advanced Enterprise Middleware research group in Hawthorne, N.Y. on the project. A recent IBM presentation reported, "Priya has been involved extensively in building dependable systems, and in incorporating her results into industrial practice through her contributions to the Fault-Tolerant CORBA standard."

Priya's focus reflects her Ph.D. dissertation, "Transparent Fault Tolerance for CORBA," which won the 1999/2000 Lancaster Award for the Best Graduate Dissertation in engineering and sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her research interests also include "reliability for large-scale enterprise middleware systems, metrics for quantifying dependability, and the composition of reliability with other '-ilities' (security, real-time) in order to build useful systems."

Headshot of Priya Narasimhan

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