New Center Established for Computer and Communications Security


June 17, 2002

Carnegie Mellon researchers have formed a Center for Computer and Communications Security (C3S) to tackle the challenges and problems related to Internet security, data storage and privacy issues stemming from America's ongoing war against terrorism.

The center is multidisciplinary with faculty coming from Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), the Software Engineering Institute and the CERT Coordination Center, the government-funded computer emergency response team at Carnegie Mellon.

* Pradeep Khosla, ECE Department Head; Philip and Marsha Dowd Professor of ECE and Robotics, director of the C3S, said although security technology is advancing, the Internet is still susceptible to viruses, computer intrusions and cyberterrorism. The new center will focus on cutting-edge technologies related to security in distributed systems and wireless and optical networks as well as new technologies to guarantee the privacy of information.
* One of the center's latest research tasks includes the development of "self-securing devices." With the support of a $4.5 million grant from the Department of Defense, C3S researchers are developing computer components, such as hard disk drives and network cards, that will be able to defend themselves and, ultimately, each other, from attack.

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