Seagate's Research Arm Moves to New Pittsburgh Facility: Proximity to CMU Key to Office's Success


March 31, 2002

Seagate Technology LLC, whose parent company, Seagate, is the world's largest disk drive manufacturer, is moving its Pittsburgh research arm from their temporary home in the South Side to a new building in the Strip District, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Business News article, "Perspectives: Seagate research chief chose Pittsburgh to be near CMU."

Mark Kryder chose the city for its research operations in the magnetic recording aspects of data storage because of "CMU's preeminence in the data storage field" and so he could continue to advise graduate students. Kryder, University Professor of ECE, and Senior Vice President and Director of Research for Seagate, wanted to nurture a research partnership between academia and industry. Many of his employees have earned doctoral degrees in magnetic recording technology fields. According to the report:

"Because he believes that "university and industry interaction will continue to grow," Kryder felt that the CMU connection was essential to Seagate Technology's long-term success. He predicted: 'Industry will be relying more on universities for their research functions. In many cases, it is more effective.'"

Seagate Technology LLC employs around 140 workers with degrees from 37 universities, representing 17 countries. Kryder anticipates they "will continue to hire people for a year or two."

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