Intel Corporation's Research Lab Opens in Pittsburgh


February 20, 2002

Intel Research Pittsburgh opened on the corner of Forbes Avenue and S. Craig Street in Oakland to study information storage and retrieval in the "proactive computing environments of the future," said David Tennenhouse, Intel's Vice President and Director of Research. Directed by Professor of Computer Science Mahadev Satyanarayanan, the facility will employ 20-25 Intel researchers, and an equal number of faculty, visitors, and interns. The Pittsburgh site is the third member of the Intel Research Network, joining other satellites in Seattle and Berkeley. Each laboratory provides "an environment where academic and industry researchers can collaborate on the basic architectural concepts for future technologies," according to Intel.

Intel also dedicated the Internet Exchange Architecture (IXA) Laboratory, 1202 Hamerschlag Hall, the site of a senior level capstone course which uses one of Intel's networking platforms.

The schedule for the Pittsburgh's opening included:

  • A discussion highlighting the lab's scientific pursuits in the Singleton Room, Roberts Engineering Hall:
  • David Tennenhouse described the vision and goals of the Intel Research Network.
  • Carnegie Mellon President Jared Cohon talked about the laboratory from the university perspective.
  • School of Computer Science Dean Jim Morris discussed the university's history in data storage.
  • Mahadev Satyanarayanan discussed the lab's research projects: Internet Suspend/Resume, Proactive Data Staging, and Dynamic Sensing Agent Network.
  • The IXA Laboratory dedication.
  • A lecture by Raj Yavatkar, Chief Software Architect, Internet Exchange Architecture, Intel Communications Group, on "Building Blocks for a Programmable Internet."
  • An open house/tour of the new facility where faculty, students and staff met with the researchers to learn more about their work.

*Also mentioned in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette