Choset Awarded Federal Grant for Snake Robots to Assess Waste Sites


February 5, 2002

Howie Choset, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering (ME) and ECE, was awarded an $800,000 grant over the next three years from the Department of Energy to redesign his snake robot probes. Because of the snake-like structure, the robots can:

* Help assess contamination at waste storage sites;
* Help energy officials reach remote locations throughout North America;
* Locate land mines in a safe, efficient, and economical fashion; and
* Aid in search and rescue operations.

"This is a great project because it gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the varied uses for snake robots," said Choset, whose first generation snake robot was designed to inspect the underpinnings of bridges.

One of the biggest targets and goals for Choset is what he calls "Educational Robotics."

"I want my students to get hands-on exposure about how robots work, and we now have classes that help them do just that," he said.

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