Making Pittsburgh a Cybersecurity Hub


January 14, 2002

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Business News editorial, "Perspectives: Time to make Pittsburgh cybersecurity center," interviewed Heinz School Dean Jeffrey Hunker, in an article about an area of research that the two schools work together on: cybersecurity. The Software Industry Center (SWIC) is a collaboration of ECE, the Heinz School, Computer Science (ISRI), SEI, GSIA, and H&SS. Excerpted from the article:

Carnegie Mellon University's reputed preeminence in information technology coupled with Hunker's deep understanding of the nascent cybersecurity industry position Pittsburgh well to assume a leadership role. "I want to make Pittsburgh the national and international center for cybersecurity," Hunker said.

The resources available at Carnegie Mellon and elsewhere in the region distinctively enable this area to assume this august role. As cybersecurity climbs to the top of the world's priority list, Pittsburgh could easily command the world's attention.