Cohon and Nordenberg "Pittsburghers of the Year;" Technology Partnerships Cited in Nomination


January 14, 2002

Pittsburgh Magazine named Carnegie Mellon President Jared Cohon and University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Mark Nordenberg "Pittsburghers of the Year." Collaborations between the two schools, including developments in system-on-a-chip technology that could lead Pittsburgh to "become a world center of chip design" earned the two the honor. Excepts from the article: Combine CMU's computer-engineering prowess and Pitt's biomedical expertise, and the possibilities are endless, says Harold Miller, president of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. "They have strengths on their own that are independent of each other, but that, brought together, create synergies that may be unique to this region."

..."Everybody involved in this field, around the world sees the next big thing as the convergence of information technology with biotechnology," Cohon says. "Here we have, arguably, the best information-technology university in the world sitting right next to one of the leading biotechnological universities in the country. And if it's true that these two fields complement each other, or will be brought together more and more, then what better place to do it than Pittsburgh?"