Clarke One of Two CMU Professors Featured in ComputerWorld


October 2, 2001

In its coverage of the National Science Foundation's $156 Million in grants for IT research projects announced last week, ComputerWorld featured Guy Blelloch [Professor of CS] and Edmund Clarke [FORE Systems Professor of CS and ECE], and their award winning research proposals. Blelloch's project, funded for $5.5 million, intends to close the gap between theoretical algorithm research and the use of algorithms in applications. Clarke is leading a project, funded for $1 million, which aims to develop new ways to verify the reliability of embedded and autonomous systems. An embedded system may be the controller of some gadget in an automobile. An autonomous system operates without any direct control, such as a guidance system on a space probe. For the complete story, see,4125,NAV47_STO64212,00.html. For more about NSF ITR grants to SCS, see

Headshot of Edmund Clarke

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