ASIMPS Alpha User Short Course on October 18-19


October 18, 2001

On October 18-19, 2001, Cronos Integrated Microsystems, MEMSCAP, and the Carnegie Mellon MEMS Laboratory will host an overview of the DARPA-sponsored Application-Specific Integrated-MEMS Process Service (ASIMPS).

The course is intended for designers already familiar with both CMOS electronics and MEMS design and offers a two-hour hands-on session with an overview of ASIMPS technology and hands-on training using MEMSCAP's Xplorer-based ASIMPS Engineering Kit. The deadline for registration is October 12, 2001.

Applications for ASIMPS include accelerometers, gyroscopes, IR sensors and imagers, RF filters, electrothermal converters, and force sensors. ASIMPS provides low-cost, easy access to CMOS MEMS technology for academia, government and industry and currently features a 0.6um CMOS process from Austria Micro System Intl. (AMS) that can design single-layer microstructures integrated with electronics.


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