Falsafi Wins IBM Faculty Partnership Award


September 27, 2001

Babak Falsafi, Assistant Professor of ECE and CS, received an IBM Faculty Partnership Award (FPA) for his work on bridging the processor/memory performance gap in future generation computer systems. Falsafi's research group, the CMU Impetus, is proposing novel memory system designs which unlike conventional approaches are "proactive." A proactive memory system tracks and learns a processor's memory access patterns and bridges the processor/memory performance gap by predicting subsequent memory accesses well in advance of a processor reference to hide the access latency. Besides prediction/speculation techniques in memory systems, Falsafi's research interests include power-aware computer systems, speculatively-threaded microarchitecture, and analytic and simulation tools for computer system performance evaluation.

Headshot of Babak Falsafi

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Babak Falsafi

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