CMU Virtual Basketball Commercials to Air During NCAA Games


February 28, 2001

CBS will air two 30-second Carnegie Mellon commercials during the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, in exchange for their use of Eye Vision technology during Super Bowl XXXV. The commercial will run at half-time on March 15 (the program begins at noon) and March 17 (the game starts at 1 p.m.).

Debuting as CMU's first national television commercial, the theme, "Carnegie Mellon: We Play on a Different Court," features a team of students developing software for a virtual reality basketball game with robots. A "magnetic man" is clad in a virtual reality suit, including a headset and gloves.

Eye Vision, known for its panoramic instant replays, was developed by Takeo Kanade, the Director of the Robotics Institute, as well as Professor of Robotics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Computer Science.

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