EE Times Article Cites Rutenbar


April 20, 2000

An article in the 4/18/00 issue of the EE Times, "Call goes out for physical design breakthroughs," quotes Rob Rutenbar, professor of electrical engineering and computer science. An excerpt from the article is below.

"The need for further work in analog IC layout was cited in a presentation given by Rob Rutenbar, professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Rutenbar contributed a paper summarizing the current state of the art in analog layout, along with a long list of references. Analog circuitry is typically a small percentage of an overall system-on-chip design, but it's taking up an increasingly large percentage of the design problem, said Rutenbar. "This is a very exciting place to be working," he said. "Analog is not a back-room relic." Just because an analog block only contains 50 or 100 transistors doesn't mean it isn't very difficult to design, Rutenbar stressed. He identified several opportunities for automation in analog design. These include a template-based layout system where generators exploit known regularities; optimization and synthesis algorithms such as CMU's power-grid synthesis tool; and optimization and analysis of substrate noise."

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