GM Establishes $3 Million Satellite Research Lab in ECE


January 20, 2000

GM's goal of bringing information technology to the automobile has resulted in an exciting new partnership with industry that will not only serve as a instrument for rapid technology insertion, but also will serve as a testbed for the future potential of such partnerships.

Co-directed by ECE Professor and Associate Department Head Ed Schlesinger and Dr. Roger Fruechte of GM's R&D and Planning, a $3 million satellite GM research lab will bring together GM and Carnegie Mellon researchers in areas focused on developing an integrated in-vehicle electronic architecture and computing infrastructure. Experts in such areas as embedded systems, human-computer interactions, wireless systems and networking will create vehicles that not only provide infotainment for passengers and the kids in the back of the van, but will improve safety by analyzing and assessing drivers' alertness, assisting lost drivers, providing road condition information, etc. Also part of the project is the development architectures that gracefully degrade when components fail, and providing methods for mid-life software/hardware upgrades to the vehicle.

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