John Shen

Professor – ECE
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Assistant Diana Leathers

Research Interests

Modern Processor Design and Evaluation

With the emergence of superscalar processors, phenomenal performance increases are being achieved via the exploitation of instruction-level parallelism (ILP). Software tools for aiding the design and validation of complex superscalar processors are being developed. These tools, such as VMW (Visualization-Based Microarchitecture Workbench), facilitate the rigorous specification and validation of microarchitectures.

Architecture and Compilation for Instruction-Level Parallelism

Microarchitecture and code transformation techniques for effective exploitation of ILP are being studied. Synergistic combinations of static (compile-time software) and dynamic (run-time hardware) mechanisms are being explored. Going beyond a single instruction stream is necessary to achieve effective use of wide superscalar machines, as well as tightly coupled small-scale multiprocessors.

Dependable and Fault-Tolerant Computing

Techniques are being developed to exploit the idling machine resources of ILP machines for concurrent error checking. As ILP machines get wider, the utilization of the machine resources will decrease. The idling resources can potentially be used for enhancing system dependability via compile-time transformation techniques.

 John  Shen

Carnegie Mellon, 2015

Research Area

Computer Systems


Modern superscalar processor design, instruction-level parallelism and code scheduling