Andrzej Strojwas

Keithley Professor – ECE
Office 2107 Hamerschlag Hall
Telephone (412)-268-3530
Fax (412)-268-1374
Assistant Judy Bandola

Research Interests

CAD for Analog/Digital ICs

The design and manufacturing of the state-of-the-art integrated circuits (ICs) have become extremely challenging due to ever-increasing complexity and miniaturization. ICs must be designed to obtain best possible performance (e.g., speed) while minimizing power dissipation and must be manufactured at economically acceptable yield levels. Professor Strojwas research addresses both the design and manufacturing of ULSICs.

Design for Manufacturability

This research is aimed at analysis and design of ULSICs that take into account the technology capabilities and manufacturing fluctuations. The specific projects include:

  • Statistical timing verification
  • Efficient and accurate 3-D parasitic element extraction
  • Layout printability analysis using 3-D lithography/topography simulators
  • Manufacturability analysis of low power CMOS technology solutions

Statistical Control and Diagnosis of ULSIC Manufacturing

Research in this area covers the diagnosis of reasons responsible for yield loss, such as defects and excessive process fluctuations. The specific projects include:

  • Optimization of sampling strategy for in-line wafer inspection
  • Modeling of contamination to defect transformation
  • Diagnostic systems for ULSIC manufacturing

In the News

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  • AMD Sponsors ECE Course Contests
  • ECE Graduates & Award Winners Honored at Diploma Ceremony
  • Strojwas named recipient of Keithley Professorship
  • External Press

  • Startup weaves 'fabric' for IC design
  •  Andrzej  Strojwas

    Carnegie Mellon, 1983

    Research Area



    Statistically based CAD/CAM of VLSI circuits


    PhD, 1982
    Electrical Engineering
    Carnegie Mellon University

    MS, 1976
    Electrical Engineering
    Technical University of Warsaw