Onur Mutlu

Adjunct Professor – ECE
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Website http://www.ece.cmu.edu/~omutlu/

Research Interests

My research interests are in computer architecture, especially the hardware/software interface and cooperation to improve the design of parallel system architectures. I am interested in designing novel and efficient hardware/software cooperative techniques to overcome fundamental performance, security, robustness, reliability, and efficiency challenges in current and future computer systems.

Some of my current research interests/projects include:

  • Resource management, fairness, and quality-of-service in multi-core systems
  • Scalable Memory Systems
  • Computer architectures for robust and secure operating systems (OS), OS/architecture interaction
  • Architectural support for high-level/safe/managed programming languages (PL), PL/architecture interaction
  • Fault and bug tolerant architectures
  • Latency-tolerant architectures
  • Architectural Support for Software Productivity: Support for Object-Oriented Languages and Managed Runtime Systems
  • Heterogeneous Systems
  • Enabling and Exploiting Emerging Technologies

In the News

  • Five College of Engineering faculty receive Google Research Awards
  • Prof. Onur Mutlu served as Program Chair for the HiPEAC Conference
  • Professor Onur Mutlu receives Google Faculty Award
  • Student & Professor paper will appear at Best Paper Session at HPCA Conference
  • Ph.D. student receives Best Presentation Award at HiPEAC Conference
  • ECE Ph.D. Student Receives SRC Fellowship
  • Inaugural Samsung Ph.D. Fellowship Awarded
  • Dr. Samira Khan Presents at Best Paper Session of HPCA
  • Professor Mutlu Receives Faculty Award
  • Mutlu Appointed Dr. William D. and Nancy W. Strecker Early Career Professor
  • SAFARI Students Win Best Paper Award
  • Mutlu Earns Intel Early Career Faculty Honor Award
  • Krogh, Mutlu Selected for HP Labs Innovation Awards
  • Mutlu Paper Selected as IEEE Micro Top Pick
  • ECE Faculty Earn CIT Awards
  • Mutlu Co-Authors Best Paper
  • Mutlu Receives IEEE Computer Society TCCA Young Computer Architect Award
  • Two Mutlu Papers Named Top Picks
  • SAFARI/CALCM Paper Published in IEEE Micro's Top Picks
  • Mutlu Paper Published as CACM Research Highlight
  • Mutlu Receives NSF CAREER Award
  • SAFARI Papers Selected as IEEE Micro Top Picks
  • SAFARI Members Earn Best Paper Honors at ASPLOS, HPCA Conferences
  • Mutlu Paper an <cite>IEEE Micro</cite> "Top Pick"
  •  Onur  Mutlu

    Carnegie Mellon, 2009

    Research Area

    Computer Systems


    Computer architecture, hardware/software interaction, operating systems, fault tolerance


    PhD, 2006
    Electrical and Computer Engineering
    University of Texas at Austin

    MSE, 2002
    Electrical and Computer Engineering
    University of Texas at Austin

    BSE, 2000
    Computer Engineering
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    BS, 2000
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor