Granger Morgan

Professor – ECE Lord Professor – EPP
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office 129C Baker Hall
Telephone (412)-268-2672
Assistant Patti Steranchak

Research Interests

Integrated Assessment

In many large problems, such as global change, disciplinary research programs address separate pieces of the problem, but few attempts are made to put all the pieces together to ask, "What does it all mean?" With Hadi Dowlatabadi and a number of other colleagues, Professor Morgan is working on integrated assessment of large social and environmental problems. Much of this work is done in the context of an NSF Center for Integrated Study of the Human Dimensions of Global Change.

Risk Analysis and Improving Regulation

A variety of projects are under way that involve issues in risk analysis, management and communication, as well as developing strategies to improve the ways in which risks to health, safety and environmental risks are regulated. One current area of research involves developing methods to allow risk management organizations, such as federal agencies, to set priorities. With Dr. Scott Farrow and a number of other colleagues, Professor Morgan has recently established the Center for the Study and Improvement of Regulation.

Electric Power

The electric power sector is undergoing large changes. In the short-term, these are driven by changes in the regulatory environment. In the longer-term, they will be driven by technical change, the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and a variety of social and institutional factors. Professor Morgan is interested in these processes of change, and in the structure and level of energy-related basic technology research.

 Granger  Morgan

Carnegie Mellon, 1974

Research Area

Signals and Systems


Technology and policy including climate change and electric power


PhD, 1968
Applied Physics and Information Science
University of California, San Diego

MS, 1965
Astronomy and Space Science
Cornell University

BA, 1963
Harvard University