David Laughlin

ALCOA Professor – MSE Courtesy Professor – ECE Affiliated Faculty – DSSC
Department Data Storage Systems Center
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office 236 Roberts Engineering Hall
Telephone (412)-268-2706
Fax (412)-268-3113
Website http://neon.mems.cmu.edu/laughlin/

Research Interests

The research interests of David E. Laughlin have centered around the investigation of phase transformations and structure by means of transmission electron microscopy. He has studied spinodal decomposition and ordering processes in several aluminum, copper and nickel based alloys as well as in III-V compounds by detailed analysis of their microstructure as well as electron diffraction patterns. Other fields in which he has been actively involved include the investigation and characterization of dislocation structure of twist boundaries between dissimilar materials, cellular precipitation and twinning of ordered materials.

Currently he is studying precipitation processes in Al based alloys for automotive applications, and investigating the magnetic properties and microstructure of soft magnets (HITPERM), hard magnets (FePt and CoPt) and magnetic thin films for recording media. Knowledgeable in a wide variety of X-ray and electron optical techniques, he has more than 350 technical publications in the field of phase transformations, physical metallurgy and magnetic materials, and has co-edited six books, and is a co-inventer on eight US Patents.

David is a Media Group Leader of the DSSC and director of both the X-ray Central Facility and the Electron Optics Central Facility of the Materials Science and Engineering Department of Carnegie Mellon University. He also is the editor of the Metallurgical and Materials Transactions.

In the News

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  •  David  Laughlin

    Research Area

    Device Science and Nanofabrication


    Magnetic materials, material science, electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction


    PhD, 1973
    Metallurgy and Materials Science
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    BS, 1969
    Metallurgical Engineering
    Drexel University