Takeo Kanade

U.A. and Helen Whitaker Professor – CS RI Courtesy Professor – ECE
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office 4119 Newell-Simon Hall
Telephone (412)-268-3016
Assistant Suzette A. Mongell

Research Interests

Computer Vision and Sensors

Professor Kanades interests are in the areas of computer vision and sensors. All of his research areas involve interaction with the physical world; the main themes are how to create intelligent, autonomous systems that perceive and act in the physical three-dimensional world. His research in computer vision centers around three-dimensional scene understanding, ranging from development of an ultrahigh-speed range sensor by analog VLSI to analysis of an image sequence for motion understanding.

Robotics Systems

Professor Kanade is also engaged in research on the design and development of real-time robotics systems. Direct-drive manipulators, which represent one of the more advanced manipulator technologies today, were initiated in his laboratory. He has worked on a self-mobile space manipulator for the space station truss-work, and is currently working on a vision-guided autonomous helicopter.

Most recently, Professor Kanade has been working on combining technologies in computer vision and computer graphics for human-computer interface. In particular, he has developed a video-rate 3-D stereo machine for true 3-D telepresence, or virtualized reality.

In the News

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  • External Press

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  •  Takeo  Kanade

    Research Area

    Signals and Systems


    Computer vision, autonomous systems, medical robotics


    PhD, 1973
    Electrical Engineering
    Kyoto University

    ME, 1970
    Electrical Engineering
    Kyoto University

    BEng, 1968
    Electrical Engineering
    Kyoto University