Angel Jordan

Emeritus Keithley University Professor – ECE RI
Office 4618 Wean Hall
Telephone (412)-268-2590
Fax (412)-268-2860

Research Interests

Professor Jordan is a University Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Robotics, Emeritus. He is a former provost of Carnegie Mellon. He has also been dean of the engineering college and head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Professor Jordan's research interests over the years have been in the areas of semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, software engineering and intelligent sensors for robotics applications. Currently, his research is concentrated on advanced video systems, management of technological innovation, and studies of information technology industries.

 Angel  Jordan


Advanced video systems, robotics


PhD, 1959
Electrical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University

MS, 1959
Electrical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University

MS, 1952
University of Zaragoza