Ralph L. Hollis

Research Professor – RI Courtesy Professor – ECE
Office 121 Elliott Dunlap Smith Hall
Telephone (412)-268-8264
Fax (412)-268-5570
Website http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/user/rhollis/www/home.html

Research Interests

Dr. Hollis's current research effort focusses on three main areas, all involving the creation of innovative new hardware, software, and systems. The first area concerns distributed agent-based cooperative high-precision manipulation. The principal application is agile assembly of small high-precision electromechanical products such as computer storage devices, medical devices, communication devices, and other high-density mechatronic equipment. The goal is to revolutionize the assembly of these kinds of products by drastically reducing the time it takes to design, program, and deploy automated assembly systems, while increasing their precision by several orders of magnitude and reducing their physical size. The second area concerns human-computer interaction, especially through haptic interaction with computed or remote environments. Here a goal is to enable truly transparent and high-fidelity interaction with eventual application to medicine, computer-augmented design, and telemanipulation, including scaled manipulation of microscopic and nanoscopic objects. The third area concerns intelligent mobile robots which are dynamically stable, including both rolling and walking machines. If such robots are to operate successfully in peopled environments, they must be agile and responsive to physical interaction with humans and their surroundings.

 Ralph L. Hollis

Carnegie Mellon, 1993

Research Area

Signals and Systems


Haptics, microassembly, dynamically stable mobile robots


PhD, 1975
University of Colorado

MS, 1965
Kansas State University

BS, 1964
Kansas State University