Seth Goldstein

Associate Professor – CSD Courtesy Professor – ECE
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office 7111 Gates-Hillman Center
Telephone (412)-268-3828
Assistant Christina Contreras

Research Interests

Professor Goldstein's research is in creating processors and compilers to meet tomorrow's computing needs. He is focusing on reconfigurable computing as a way to meet the new demands of applications such as multimedia, encryption, digital signal processing, autonomous vehicles and databases. He is currently working on reconfigurable architectures and compilers in conjunction with the PipeRench project. His goal is to bring reconfigurable computing into the mainstream of computing by developing better compilation technology and integrating a reconfigurable fabric with a processor core for both high-powered, general-purpose processors and embedded systems.

In the short-term, Professor Goldstein is working on compiling applications to a pipeline model using the cached virtual hardware realization of a reconfigurable fabric.

In the News

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  • External Press

  • Design tools eye nanoscale realm
  •  Seth  Goldstein

    Research Area

    Computer Systems


    Systems Nanotechnology, Programmable Matter, Reconfigurable Computing, Parallel Computing, Compilers, Architecture


    PhD, 1997
    Computer Science
    University of California, Berkeley

    MS, 1994
    Computer Science
    University of California, Berkeley

    BS, 1985
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Princeton University