Christos Faloutsos

Professor – CS Courtesy Professor – ECE
Office 4126 Wean Hall
Telephone (412)-268-1457
Assistant Denny Marous

Research Interests

Professor Faloutsos focuses on two major research areas: query by content in multi-media databases and data mining. The first area examines fast methods for approximate matching in multimedia databases. Typical queries are as follows: "in a collection of product photographs, find products that look like tennis shoes;" "in a collection of medical X-rays, find ones that look like the X-ray of the current patient, and list the corresponding diagnoses." Professor Faloutsos' group uses database methods, like 'R-trees,' to search for them efficiently.

The goal in data mining is to discover correlations ('rules') in a collection of records. For example, in a set of patient records with demographic characteristics, symptoms and diagnoses, the research group would like to find all the 'interesting' rules (e.g., 'patients > 50 years old with cholesterol > 300 have a 10 percent probability of heart attack'). The focus is on scalable algorithms for massive datasets, 'Active Disks,' and on lossy compression, which is closely related to data mining.

In the News

  • Faloutsos' Student Wins Best Paper Award
  • Faloutsos Team Wins $2.5 Million from the NSF for Bio-Molecular Imaging
  •  Christos  Faloutsos

    Research Area

    Computer Systems


    Databases, data mining, multimedia indexing, performance evaluation


    PhD, 1987
    Computer Science
    University of Toronto

    MS, 1982
    Computer Science
    University of Toronto

    BS, 1981
    Electrical Engineering
    National Technical University of Athens