Nicolas Christin

Associate Research Professor – EPP Assistant Research Professor – CyLab Courtesy Professor – ECE
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office 2108 Collaborative Innovation Center
Telephone (412)-268-4432
Assistant Brittany Frost

Research Interests

Nicolas Christin's research interests are in computer and information systems security. Most of his work is at the boundary of systems, networking and policy research. Topics that Nicolas is currently actively pursuing include online crime modeling, audit games, usable security, and security economics.

In the News

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  • ECE focus: computer security and privacy
  •  Nicolas  Christin

    Carnegie Mellon, 2005

    Research Area

    Computer Systems


    Computer security, network security, online crime, security economics, usable security, algorithmic applications of game theory


    PhD, 2003
    Computer Science
    University of Virginia

    MCS, 2000
    Computer Science
    University of Virginia