18-879T: Special Topics in Systems and Control: Nonlinear Systems

Units: 12

The main goal of this course is to provide to the students a solid background in analysis and design of nonlinear control systems.This course covers the analysis and design of nonlinear control systems and is suitable for post-graduate students in science and engineering. The course begins with an introduction to nonlinear system theory and stability analysis. Topics include Lyapunov stability analysis techniques, stability of perturbed systems with vanishing and non-vanishing perturbations, input-to-state stability, input-output stability and passivity. The last part of the course is dedicated to nonlinear control design tools such as feedback linearization, sliding mode control, Lyapunov redesign, backstepping, passivity based control and nonlinear adaptive control (if time permits). Emphasis is placed upon application of the theory to systems of interest to the students.

Prerequisite: Linear Systems (18771 A/PP)


Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Control

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