18-879R: Special Topics in Systems and Control: Electric Power Systems: Modeling, Analysis, and Control

Units: 12

The objective of this reading course is to review in an organized manner:

  • Models currently used for representing large-scale electric power systems;
  • Analysis tools currently used for large-scale electric power systems; and,
  • Control approaches for large-scale electric power systems.

The outline of the course will be provided by the instructor. The instructor will also work closely with the graduate students in order to help them prepare sufficiently for a general review of the subject matter presented. The main grade credit would come from preparing a state-of-art presentation on the subject assigned to individual students, and the overall participation in the course readings. The two-hour lectures will be interactive in order to meet the needs of students with different starting backgrounds.

This is an opportunity for those interested in research in the area of electric power to improve their knowledge. There are no other formal courses currently offered on this subject and this is essential to prepare for in-depth research in the area. The course will also be an opportunity for all to familiarize themselves with the areas of research their fellow graduate students are pursuing, to critically assess these, and to share ideas for moving forward.

Senior level undergraduate and graduate students interested in electric power systems and control are strongly encouraged to take the course. Electric power systems can be viewed as an excellent test-bed for many control methodologies.

2 hrs. lec.

Prerequisite: Senior or graduate standing


Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Control

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