18-879H: Special Topics in Systems and Control: Advanced Linear Systems and Control

Units: 12

This course is intended for engineers across disciplines interested in more advanced topics in linear systems and control and who understand linear algebra at the level of a standard graduate course. The first quarter of the course is devoted to elementary operator theory. These techniques will be used to study not only basic traditional control theory topics (controllability, observability, realization theory) but also advanced topics, such as the small gain theorem, robust control problems, quadratic control theory, H-infinity control, design, The Nehari theorem and its applications. Some fundamental results from least squares optimization are also given. This "operator perspective" provides a deep understanding of certain aspects of linear systems, along with a set of tools which are very useful in system analysis and control design.

Prerequisites: A standard graduate-level course in linear algebra.


Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Control

Last modified on 2009-07-08

Past semesters:

F10, F09