18-859G: Special Topics in Communication: Communication and Networking

Units: 12

This course is intended for graduate students who wish to learn about current topics of interest to the communications and networking research communities. Part of the course will be tutorial in nature, where the instructor will introduce the topic of interest, primarily through introductory research papers. Part of the course will involve independent reading and group discussion, where students will read recent research papers on the topic and discuss the papers in class, with an end towards proposing new ideas on the topic. Students registering for the course are expected to have had exposure to undergraduate-level communications and networking. Grades will be based on a few homework assignments and an independent class reading and research project, on any topic of interest to the student, within the spirit of the course. Group projects will be acceptable also. The topics covered may vary from one course offering to the next. There will be one course offering every two years. This year the course will cover the basics of multiple input / multiple output (MIMO) wireless communication systems, with an emphasis on signal processing aspects. The basic principles and performance trends of MIMO systems will be first presented, demonstrating their remarkable communication throughput potential. This constitutes the primary motivation for the development of advanced signal processing techniques for transmitting and receiving over wireless MIMO links. Several classes of such techniques, ranging from spatial multiplexing and space-time coding at the transmitter to space-time decoding and channel estimation at the receiver will be presented in detail. Finally, the latest trends of MIMO systems, related to wideband, multi-user and multi-base MIMO networks will be mentioned.

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