18-848PP: Special Topics in Embedded Systems: Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems

Units: 12

This course addresses a comprehensive set of topics in the area of embedded systems technologies, including embedded computing platforms, embedded operating systems, network interconnecting and real-world interfacing through sensors and actuators. In particular, the course addresses a set of selected technologies on those areas presented under the perspective of how they can be used to build current and future distributed embedded systems. Pre-requisites are Embedded Systems and it is expected that students are familiar with the fundamental concepts of computer networks and distributed systems. The course provides the framework for understanding the role of each current and emerging technology under the perspective of building "real" distributed real-time fault-tolerant embedded systems while stimulating a hands-on approach on a relevant set of selected technologies and platforms. In particular, the students will have a comprehensive experimental contact with practical embedded platforms through laboratory experiments and through practical projects. The course will provide a set of valences in the area of embedded and distributed system technologies, which can be equated by the knowledge of practical solutions to attain real-time and dependability properties in distributed control systems that interface "real" devices through sensing and actuating. The students will learn how to build those systems using existing interfacing and networking technologies and how to integrate such technologies with computing and operating system platforms. The students will have a thorough contact with both the specification and the development of such distributed embedded systems.

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