18-847Z: Special Topics in Computer Systems: Data Intensive Computing and Storage

Units: 12

Data-intensive computing and cloud computing have become important forms of computing, and both appear poised to grow into dominant roles. Data-intensive computing (DISC) refers to analysis and information extraction from large and sometimes dynamic data corpi. Cloud computing refers to shared (multi-tenant) use of third-party computing and storage resources (and sometimes software setups) in place of dedicated resources. Each is interesting on its own, and the use of cloud computing for data-intensive computing is both inevitable and critical.

In this course, we will explore the state-of-the-art and research directions relating to data-intensive computing and cloud computing. Included in this scope will be case studies of existing systems, compute and storage architectures, programming models, middleware and building blocks, and administration/automation. In our discussions, we will explore various metrics of goodness for alternate approaches, including efficiency, performance, robustness, complexity, ease-of-use, and so on.

Prerequisites: This class is intended for those pursuing research in its topic space. As such, it requires Ph.D. student status or permission of the instructor. Permission might be given to non-Ph.D. students, for example, who have taken and done well in 15-712 or who have demonstrated research skills in other ways.

Last modified on 2010-08-24