18-771PP: Linear Systems

Units: 12

A modern approach to the analysis and engineering applications of linear systems. Modeling and linearization of multi-input---- multi-output dynamic physical systems. State-variable and transfer function matrices. Emphasis on linear and matrix algebra. Numerical matrix algebra and computational issues in solving systems of linear algebraic equations, singular value decomposition, eigenvalue-eigenvector and least-squares problems. Analytical and numerical solutions of systems of differential and difference equations. Structural properties of linear dynamic physical systems, including controllability, observability and stability. Canonical realizations, linear state-variable feedback controller and asymptotic observer design. Design and computer applications to electronic circuits, control engineering, dynamics and signal processing.

4 hrs. lec.

Prerequisite: 18-470 or 18-474, and graduate standing in CIT or MCS

Section P is for Portugal students only.


Signals and Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Control

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