18-759: Wireless Networks

Units: 12

Wireless networks and wireless communications technology have the potential to make universal Internet use a reality, which will clearly lead to global connectivity, roaming, and ubiquitous communications. Given the astonishing increase in the number of Internet users (doubling every 90 days), this course aims to examine the relationship between the Internet and wireless networks. To that end, the emerging third generation (3G) wireless standards and how they accommodate data communications in addition to voice will be highlighted. While the emphasis will be on the networking issues and aspects of wireless communication networks, the relevant physical issues will briefly be reviewed as well. In addition, this year we will cover two hot topics as well: ad hoc wireless networks and ultra-wideband radio technology. The expectation is that the students completing this course will have a good idea about the role of wireless networks in the internet-centric future telecommunication networks. In addition, the course targets to train the students with the necessary set of skills (both analytical and qualitative) to do research on wireless networks.

Prerequisites: (18-345 or 15-441) and 18-391


Computer Hardware, Signal Processing and Communications, Software Systems and Computer Networking


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