18-545: Advanced Digital Design Project

Units: 12

In this capstone design project course, students will design and implement a large digital system with video output, sound output, and user input. The course will teach the technical skill to accomplish this, as well as enhance project planning and group management skills. To that end, students will participate in design reviews, weekly status reports, and final project presentations. The project will result in a working system implemented on an FPGA prototyping board. The completed projects will be shown in a public demonstration session at the end of the semester. Students should enter with a good grasp of computer architecture, Verilog programming, and hardware lab skills. Experience in FPGA programming, computer graphics, and/or VLSI design would also be useful.

4 hours lec., 24 hr. access lab

Prerequisites: (18340 and 18341) or (18340 and 18348) or (18349 and 18340) or (18340 and 18447) or (18341 and 18348) or (18349 and 18341) or (18341 and 18447) or (18341 and 18348) or (18348 and 18447) or (18447 and 18349)


Computer Hardware


Coverage, Capstone Design
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