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Please note that this is a list of ECE courses offered, past and present. It should not be considered a definitive list; before making any enrollment decisions based on this information, please check with your advisor.

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Graduate Courses
18-703Managing and Leading Research and Development12
18-712Elements of Photonics for Communication Systems12
18-713PPOptical Networks12
18-715Physics of Applied Magnetism12
18-716Advanced Applied Magnetism12
18-721Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits Design12
18-723RF IC Design and Implementation12
18-725Advanced Digital Integrated Circuit Design12
18-729ESpecial Topics in Circuits: IC Technology: 3D System Integration (with VeSFETs)12
18-730Introduction to Computer Security12
18-730GIntroduction to Computer Security12
18-730PPIntroduction to Computer Security12
18-731Network Security12
18-731PPNetwork Security12
18-731SVNetwork Security12
18-732Secure Software Systems12
18-732JSecure Software Systems12
18-732PPSecure Software Systems12
18-733Applied Cryptography12
18-733JApplied Cryptography12
18-733SVApplied Cryptography12
18-734Foundations of Privacy12
18-734SVFoundations of Privacy12
18-739ASpecial Topics in Security: Foundations of Security and Privacy12
18-739CSpecial Topics in Security: Vulnerability, Defenses, and Malware Analysis12
18-739ENetwork Security and ManagementVariable
18-739LSpecial Topics in Security: Cyber Security I12
18-739SVSpecial Topics in Security: Foundations of Security and Privacy12
18-740Computer Architecture12
18-742Parallel Computer Architecture12
18-743Energy Aware Computing12
18-745Rapid Prototyping of Computer Systems12
18-746Storage Systems12
18-748Wireless Sensor Networks12
18-749Building Reliable Distributed Systems12
18-749PPFault-Tolerant Distributed Systems12
18-751Applied Stochastic Processes12
18-751SVApplied Stochastic ProcessesVariable
18-752Estimation, Detection and Identification12
18-752PPEstimation, Detection and Identification12
18-753Information Theory and Coding12
18-754Error Control Coding12
18-755Networks in the Real World12
18-756Packet Switching and Computer Networks12
18-756GPacket Switching and Computer Networks12
18-756PPPacket Switching and Computer Networks12
18-756RPacket Switching and Computer Networks12
18-757Network Management and Control12
18-757PPNetwork Management and Control12
18-758Wireless Communications12
18-759Wireless Networks12
18-759GWireless Networks12
18-759PPWireless Networks12
18-760VLSI CAD: Logic to Layout12
18-762Circuit Simulation: Theory and Practice12
18-764Technology Foundations and Roadmap for System on Chip and System in Package Products12
18-765Digital Systems Testing and Testable Design12
18-765PPDigital Systems Testing and Testable Design12
18-769Design for Manufacturability in Nanometer Era12
18-771Linear Systems12
18-771PPLinear Systems12
18-771SVLinear Systems12
18-776Non Linear Control12
18-777Complex Large-Scale Dynamic Systems12
18-779TStochastic Optimization12
18-781Speech Recognition and Understanding12
18-781SVSpeech Recognition and Understanding12
18-782PPMachine Learning12
18-790Wavelets and Multiresolution Techniques12
18-791Methods in Medical Imaging Analysis12
18-792Advanced Digital Signal Processing12
18-794Pattern Recognition Theory12
18-795Bioimage Informatics12
18-796Stochastic Optimization Methods and Applications12
18-796PPMultimedia Communications: Coding, Systems, and Networking12
18-797Machine Learning for Signal Processing12
18-798Image, Video, and Multimedia12
18-798PPImage, Video, and Multimedia12
18-799Special Topics in Signal Processing: Advanced Speech LabVariable
18-799ASpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Registration in Bioimaging12
18-799BSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Nonlinear Optimization12
18-799CSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Constraint Satisfaction and Optimization12
18-799DSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Design Implementation of Speech Recognition Systems12
18-799ESpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Biometric Recognition12
18-799FSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Algebraic Signal Processing Theory12
18-799HNew Topics in Signal Processing: Network Science: Modeling and Inference12
18-799JSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Compressive sensing and sparse optimization12
18-799KSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Cognitive Video12
18-799LSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Advanced Speech Lab12
18-799MSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Advanced Machine Learning12
18-799NSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Computational Sensors12
18-799PBSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Nonlinear Optimization12
18-799PFSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Image Analysis and Recognition12
18-799PPSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Nonlinear Optimization12
18-799RSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Large Scale Stochastic Adaptive Systems12
18-799SMSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Advanced Machine LearningVariable
18-799SXSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Optimization12
18-799XSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Optimization12