18-600 to 18-699

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Please note that this is a list of ECE courses offered, past and present. It should not be considered a definitive list; before making any enrollment decisions based on this information, please check with your advisor.

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Graduate Courses
18-601Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Technology12
18-603Leadership for Engineers12
18-605Innovation in Science and Engineering - Theory and Fundamentals12
18-610Fundamentals of Modern CMOS Devices12
18-614Microelectromechanical Systems12
18-615Micro and Nano Systems Fabrication12
18-616Information Storage Devices and Systems12
18-617Memory Devices and Systems12
18-618Smart Grids and Future Electric Energy Systems12
18-622Advanced Digital Integrated Circuit Design12
18-623Analog Integrated Circuit Design12
18-629Special Topics in Circuits: Integrated Microsystems12
18-629ASpecial Topics in Circuits: Integrated Microsystems12
18-629BSpecial Topics in Circuits: Modeling and Design for Reliability – From Technology to Application12
18-629PPSpecial Topics in Circuits: Microelectronics & Micromechanical Technologies12
18-630Introduction to Security and Policy12
18-631Introduction to Information Security12
18-631BIntroduction to Information Security12
18-632Introduction to Hardware Security12
18-635Web Application Security and Performance12
18-636Browser Security12
18-637AWireless Network Security12
18-638Mobile Security12
18-639ASpecial Topics in Security: Intrusion Tolerance12
18-639FSpecial Topics in Security: Browser Security12
18-639PPSpecial Topics in Security: Intrusion Tolerance12
18-639SVSpecial Topics in Security: Wireless Network Security12
18-640Foundations of Computer Architecture12
18-640GZFoundations of Computer Architecture12
18-641Java for Smart Phone Development12
18-641RWJava for Smart Phone Development12
18-641SVJava for Smart Phone Development12
18-642Introduction to Software Engineering12
18-642SVIntroduction to Software Engineering12
18-643Reconfigurable Logic: Technology, Architecture and Applications12
18-644Mobile Hardware for Software Engineers12
18-644SVMobile Hardware for Software Engineers12
18-645How to Write Fast Code12
18-645SVHow to Write Fast CodeVariable
18-645THow to Write Fast Code12
18-646Low-Power System-on-Chip Architecture12
18-646SVLow-Power System-on-Chip Architecture12
18-647Connected Embedded Systems Architecture12
18-648Real-Time Embedded Systems12
18-649Distributed Embedded Systems12
18-650Policies of Wireless Systems and the Internet12
18-652Foundations of Software Engineering12
18-652RWFoundations of Software Engineering12
18-652SVFoundations of Software Engineering12
18-653Software Architecture and Design12
18-653SVSoftware Architecture and Design12
18-654SVSoftware Verification, Validation and Testing12
18-655Service Oriented Computing12
18-656SVData Intensive Workflow Development for Software Engineers12
18-657Decision Analysis and Engineering Economics for Software Engineers12
18-657SVDecision Analysis and Engineering Economics for Software Engineers12
18-658Software Requirements and Interaction Design12
18-660Numerical Methods for Engineering Design and Optimization12
18-660SVNumerical Methods for Engineering Design and Optimization12
18-664ULSI Technology Status and Roadmap for System on Chips and System in Package12
18-667Design of Integrated Embedded Systems12
18-669Special Topics In Cad I: Computing and Biology: Theory and Practice12
18-687Analytical Performance Modeling & Design of Computer Systems12
18-687SVAnalytical Performance Modeling & Design of Computer Systems12
18-690Introduction to Neuroscience for Engineers12
18-691Introduction to Hybrid and Electric12
18-697Statistical Discovery and Learning12
18-697SVStatistical Discovery and Learning12
18-698Neural Signal Processing12