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Skills verification letters

Alumni pursuing the PERM application process may wish to obtain a skills verification letter as part of their application materials. PERM applicants may request such a letter and the academic advisors will serve as the point of contact. 

ECE has its own process, vetted by the university, for skills verification letter requests (we are not able to use a lawyer’s letter or template). Skills are verified by course, based on the official course materials: course syllabus, course description, or course website. Students should upload the syllabus, the description, or a screenshot of the website from any/all courses for which they would like to have skills verified, with the relevant language highlighted. Carnegie Mellon’s Syllabus Registry is a useful resource for past syllabi, if needed.

The entire process will take at least one week, and depending on the time of year the letter is requested, it may take up to one month. We understand this can be an urgent request so we will accommodate as best as we can. Your patience is very much appreciated. Please note the following when submitting your request, so that we are able to assist you as quickly and efficiently as possible:

  • Only ECE (18-6XX and above) and CS coursework (15-6XX and above) can be verified. The only non-ECE and CS courses we can verify are: 10601, 10701, 95712, 96705, 96700, and 96834.  Skills verifications for other departments will need to go through the home department of that course. We suggest that you reach out to the department contact listed here for other courses.
  • We cannot provide skills for courses in which you earned a letter grade lower than a C, or a grade of "N" for a P/NP course.
  • Prerequisite skills cannot be verified for courses.
  • Skills from Internships (18993 or 18994) cannot be verified. If you are requesting 18980 MS Research verification, please upload a copy of your signed project form.
  • It is in your best interest and in the best interest of our processing time to be certain that you know which skills you would like to request verification for so that you do not have to seek revised letters.  Any revisions typically involve additional layers of review which will take significantly longer.
  • After ECE sends your draft letter, it is highly recommended to have it reviewed by your lawyer before requesting revisions as it is our best practice to only provide one signed PDF of the final verification letter.
  • Please note that we are not able to provide a "wet signature" for this letter, but will include our digital signature on the final copy.

Complete the skills verification form here. 

Please contact the following advisors once you have completed the form:

Students with last name A-D: Danielle Bonatesta
Students with last name E-H: Brittany Bristoll
Students with last name I-L: Kaycee Palko
Students with last name M-P: Jeannette Daly
Students with last name Q-T: Monique Moreland
Students with last name U-Z: Holly Skovira

Verification of your degree and/or dates of enrollment are available through the HUB. See their website to request a letter with this information.