Welcome from the Director

Welcome, ECE Alumni!

I’m starting my tenth year as ECE’s director of alumni and employer (formerly student) relations. In that time, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing many of you as students or meeting you for the first time as a more seasoned alumnus. Some of those meetings have occurred at the area events we’ve hosted; others when you’ve visited campus as an employer, a speaker, a volunteer or simply to participate in the rich, annual campus traditions. I continue to marvel at your careers, varied interests and meaningful pursuits. You’ve made building a more robust, professional community an exciting and genuinely interesting endeavor!

While I think ECE alums have always felt a strong connection to their discipline and professional community, in the last decade we’ve been able to offer many more ways to network and connect - in a human sense. San Francisco alums have seen a trip to Angel Island, afternoon picnics at Sam’s beachfront lawn and a Saturday evening at the Exploratorium. We keep exploring the waterways around Seattle while catching up, and Boston continues to afford elegant gatherings at the State Room and family-fun at the Museum of Science. In Austin, we’ve celebrated the Fourth of July on Town Lake and watched the sunset from the Oasis. New York area alums have grown accustomed to a Saturday luncheon or brunch in Times Square just as NYC readies itself for the winter holidays. I hope we can continue to bring you campus information and beneficial networking opportunities in venues you enjoy. (Please see Alumni Events for more information about our annual calendar)

If you’re on campus, remember to stop by my office to say hello and pick up an alumni polo or fleece jacket. Professor Jelena Kovačević, the ECE Department Head, Professor Diana Marculescu, the ECE Associate Department Head for Education and José Moura, the ECE Associate Department Head for Research would also enjoy the chance to greet you if they are in town and available.

I look forward to seeing or hearing from you in the future!

Kind regards,


Susan Farrington
Director of Alumni & Employer Relations
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Hamerschlag Hall A314
(412) 268-6955