Vision and Mission


To be a creative driving force within the university and worldwide of highest scholarly and entrepreneurial quality.


To inspire, educate, and produce electrical and computer engineers capable of tackling fundamental scientific problems and important societal challenges, and to do so with the highest commitment to quality, integrity, and respect for others.

Strategic Objectives

  • Lead the discovery of cutting-edge solutions to fundamental scientific and real-world engineering challenges
  • Provide high quality, innovative education to future intellectual leaders and technical trailblazers
  • Nurture an exciting and open environment that motivates our faculty, students, and staff to achieve and create at the highest levels
  • Impact society through the scientific and entrepreneurial work we do and the people we educate

Core Values
We value scientific truth, creativity, quality, and innovation, all within a community guided by respect and joy of doing.

  • We respect  each other; this is evident by what we do, by recognizing and celebrating our and others' abilities and achievements and including respect as an end, not just as means to an end.
  • We value diversity in people, cultures, and scientific opinions; true insight and novel solutions come from looking at challenges from different perspectives.
  • We act with integrity; those we interact with can expect an open, reliable, and trustworthy rapport.
  • We aim to solve fundamental scientific problems and those that have significant societal impact; to do that, we draw on all our core values and employ our creativity to generate impactful solutions.