NOCS 2011: Posters and Demos

Posters and Demos


Please prepare your presentation according to the following guidelines:

  • Each presentation is set for a total of 30 minutes
  • Of that, the presentation itself should take 25 minutes with 5 minutes left for questions and answers
  • Please prepare your slides using Windows MS PowerPoint; there will be computers that run Windows MS PowerPoint
  • If you have to use an alternate presentation software, be sure to bring along your own laptop

  • Each paper must also have an accompanying poster
  • Your poster should be standard size but no greater than 40 inches x 60 inches
  • You may also bring individually printed slides
  • Push pins, velcro or other means of attaching your poster/slides will be provided


Each demo also needs to have an accompanying poster. We will provide you with a poster arrangement, as well as a table on which to put your demo equipment. Upon request, we can also potentially provide LCD monitors, keyboards, and mice so that contributors doing a software-only demo can simply bring their laptops.

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