Computers will soon manifest as millions of small and ubiquitous units embedded in everyday objects while being seamlessly interconnected by large-scale distributed networks. Our research focuses on new communication-based approaches for energy-efficient, cost-effective, reliable and sustainable computing based on multicore platforms that target embedded and high-performance applications.

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Microrobots that can swim and operate inside the human body for minimally invasive medicine have become possible lately due due to the advances in MEMS technology and molecular biology. Our research focus on modeling and optimization of bacteria-based microrobots that can be designed to perform various complex tasks such as targeted drug delivery at micro- and nano-scales.

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Social networks involve both technology and human interaction and show remarkable dynamics in response to various real-world events. Our research targets new approaches for characterizing complex interactions and collective behaviors in bursty events in social media. This can be used for real-time management of social networks in applications like micro-blogging, viral marketing, emergency response, and disaster management.

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  • Paper on modeling and experimental characterization of serratia marcescens dynamics published in Phys. Rev. E. Full paper available here
  • Paper on stem cells dynamics published in Nature’s Scientific Reports. Full story and paper available here
  • Paper on multidrug resistance reduction via quorum sensing inhibition to be presented at the 1st ACM Intl. Conf. on Nanoscale Computing and Communication (NANOCOM), Atlanta, GA, May 13-14, 2014. Link
  • Paper on collective behaviors identification in Social Media to be presented at the 6th ASE International Conference on Social Computing (SocialCom), Stanford, CA, May 27-31, 2014. Link


    Recent Events

  • Tutorial @ DATE 2014 Wireless NoC as Interconnection Backbone for Multicore Chips: Promises, Challenges, and Recent Developments
  • Keynote @ PATMOS 2013 Design of Future Integrated Systems: A Cyber-physical Systems Approach
  • Keynote @ NOCS 2013 Understanding Networks-on-Chip: A Decade and Beyond
  • Keynote @ SiPS 2012: Design of Future Integrated Systems: A Cyber-physical Systems Approach
  • Tutorial @ ASPLOS 2012: Power Management of Multicore Systems: Challenges, Approaches, and Recent Developments


  • Revolutionising Multicore Architecture Design

  • Carnegie Mellon's Radu Marculescu Wins Most Influential Paper Award

    Recent Awards

  •  The 2013 CIT Outstanding Research Award from the College of Engineering for seminal contributions to the modeling, design and optimization of network-on-chip (NoC) communication architectures for integrated systems 
  •  2013 Most Influential Paper Award: 10-Year Retrospective from the Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference - J. Hu, R. Marculescu 
  •  2013 Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference Best Paper Award - Hiroki Matsutani, Paul Bogdan, Radu Marculescu, Yasuhiro Take, Daisuke Sasaki, Hao Zhang, Michihiro Koibuchi, Tadahiro Kuroda, Hideharu Amano photo 
  •  2012 IEEE/ACM Intl. Conference on Hardware/Software Co-design and System Synthesis (CODES-ISSS) Best Paper Award - Z Qian, P. Bogdan, G. Wei, C.-Y. Tsui, R. Marculescu 
  •  2012 International Symposium on Networks-on-Chip (NOCS) Best Paper Award - P. Bogdan, S. Jain, R. Tornero, R. Marculescu 
  •  2012 D.O. Pederson Best Paper Award from IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems - U. Ogras, P. Bogdan, R. Marculescu pic1 pic2 video