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SAFARI: Faculty

Onur Mutlu

SAFARI: PhD Students

Rachata Ausavarungnirun: Ph.D. student. B.S. ECE, Carnegie Mellon University, 2010. Kevin Kai-Wei Chang: Ph.D. student. M.S. ECE, Carnegie Mellon University, 2011.
Yoongu Kim: Ph.D. student. B.S. EE, Seoul National University, 2005. Donghyuk Lee: Ph.D. student. B.S. EE, Seoul National University, 2003.
Yang Li: Ph.D. student. M.S. ECE, University of Texas at Austin, 2013. Yixin Luo: Ph.D. student. B.S. Computer Engineering, University of Michigan, 2012.
Justin Meza: Ph.D. student. B.S. Computer Science, University of California at Los Angeles, 2010. Gennady Pekhimenko: Ph.D. student. Co-advised by Dr. Todd Mowry. MSc. Computer Science, University of Toronto, 2008. Diploma in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Moscow State University, 2004.
Vivek Seshadri: Ph.D. student. Co-advised by Dr. Todd Mowry. B.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, 2009. Lavanya Subramanian: Ph.D. student. B.E. Electronics & Communications Engr., Madras Institute of Technology.
Nandita Vijaykumar: Ph.D. student. B.E. EE, PES Institute of Technology, 2011. Hongyi Xin: Ph.D. student. B.S. CE, University of Michigan, 2011.

SAFARI: Post Doctoral Researchers

Samira Khan: Post doctoral researcher, Ph.D. University of Texas, San Antonio, May 2011.

SAFARI: Visiting Scholars and Students

Hiroyuki Usui: Visiting researcher. Toshiba Corporation. Hui Wang: Intern, Ph.D. student. Beihang University, in progress.
Jinglei Ren: Intern, Ph.D. student, Tsinghua University, in progress.

SAFARI: Undergraduate and Master Students

Jeremie Kim: Junior, ECE, Carnegie Mellon University. Eddie Sears: Master, ECE, Carnegie Mellon University.

SAFARI: Associated Researchers

Reetuparna Das: Research faculty in the EECS Department at the University of Michigan. Chris Wilkerson: Researcher at Intel Labs. Chris Wilkerson works at Intel Labs where he conducts forward-looking research for future Intel processors. His research interests include energy-efficient architectures and memory systems in using resilience mechanisms to reduce power and improve performance.

SAFARI: Alumni

Graduate Students

Ameya Ambardekar: Intern, M.S. ECE, May 2013. Abhishek Bhowmick: Intern, B. Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, in progress.
Chris Craik: M.S. ECE, Aug 2011.
Master's Report: Investigating the Viability of Bufferless NoCs in Modern Chip Multi-Processor Systems.
Parag Dixit: Intern, M.S. ECE, May 2013
Chris Fallin: M.S. ECE, Carnegie Mellon University, May 2011. Mohammad Fattah: Intern, PhD student at University of Turku, Finland, in progress.
Matthias Grundmann: Intern, PhD student at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, in progress. Tyler Huberty: Intern, M.S. ECE, Carnegie Mellon University, Jan 2014.
Jamie Jablin: Intern, Ph.D. student, Brown University, Sep 2013. Ben Jaiyen: M.S. ECE, Jan 2013.
Jamie Liu: M.S. ECE, Jan 2013. Youyou Lu: Intern, Ph.D. student, Tsinghua University, in progress.
Ying Wang: Intern, Ph.D. student, Chinese Academy of Science, in progress. Gulay Yalcin: Intern, Ph.D., UPC. Student researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center.
Samihan Yedkar: Intern, M.S. ECE, Jan 2013. Hanbin Yoon: M.S. ECE, May 2013.
Master's Report: Techniques for Data Mapping and Buffering to Exploit Asymmetry in Multi-Level Cell (Phase Change) Memory.
Jishen Zhao: Intern, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, Mar 2014.

Undergraduate Students

Hitesh Arora: Summer undergraduate intern, 2013. IIT Guwahati, India. Rachael Harding: Undergraduate researcher, 2010. B.S. ECE CMU, Dec 2010.
Currently a PhD student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Yuchen Hao: Summer undergraduate intern, 2012. Tsinghua University, May 2012.
Greg Nazario: Summer undergraduate intern, 2011. Senior B.S. student, CMU.
Harsha Rastogi: Summer undergraduate intern, 2012. BITS Pilani, India.
Xiangyao Yu: Summer undergraduate intern, 2011. Tsinghua University, May 2011.
Currently a PhD student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.