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What is SAFARI?

SAFARI is the research group of Professor Onur Mutlu in the Computer Architecture Lab (CALCM) at Carnegie Mellon University. We investigate safe, fair, robust and intelligent computer architecture, finding novel ways to provide a substrate with all of these properties for next-generation multicore and manycore systems.

Our major research interests are in computer architecture, especially the hardware/software interface and cooperation to improve the design of parallel system architectures. We are interested in designing novel and efficient hardware/software cooperative techniques to overcome fundamental performance, security, robustness, reliability, and efficiency challenges in current and future computer systems. We are also interested in new research areas such as biocomputing and architectures for it.

Specifically, several of our projects are on

  • Computer architecture and systems. Memory systems. Multi/many-core systems. Scalable, QoS-aware, latency-tolerant systems.
  • Computer architectures for secure and robust operating systems (OS). OS/architecture interaction.
  • Architectural support for safe/managed/parallel programming languages (PL) and programmer productivity. PL/architecture interaction.
  • Fault tolerant and bug-tolerant architectures. Dependable systems.
  • System-wide resource management and QoS, especially in multi-core and multithreaded systems.
  • Novel computer architectures for health, biological, medical, and bioinformatics applications.
  • SAFARI is affiliated with the Carnegie Mellon Parallel Data Laboratory (PDL), the Center for Silicon System Implementation (CSSI) and Cylab.