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Educating 21st Century Power Engineers


Curriculum Development
Engineering and Economics of Electric Power Systems
18-875, 19-633, 45-855/56 A3 and A4 Mini
Carnegie Mellon University
Spring 2007

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01/16 Lave/Ilic Course Motivation and Overview; Syllabus - LL history, etc.
01/18 Lave Economics and Business of US Electricity Supply
01/23 Ilic Review of Electric Power Fundamentals
01/25 Ilic Typical Operating Problems; Illustrations from 2003 Blackout
01/30 Lave Basic Concepts from Economics [1], Ch 2
02/01 Ilic Power Systems Operations: Old vs. New [2], Ch 2
02/06 Ilic/Lave Markets for Electric Energy [1], Ch 3
02/08 Ilic/Lave Balancing Supply and Demand in the Regulated Industry; Electric Markets
as a Means of Balancing in the Changing Industry
02/13 Ilic/Lave Balancing Supply and Demand Deviations from Forecast in the Regulated Industry
02/15 Ilic Ancillary Service Markets as a Means of Balancing Demand Deviations from Forecast in the Changing Industry
02/20 Lave Participating in Markets for Electric Energy [1], Ch 4
02/22 Ilic Power Delivery under System Constraints in the Regulated Industry (Optimal Power Flow)
02/27 Lave/Ilic Transmission Networks and Electricity Markets [1], Ch 6
03/01 Lave/Blumsack Financial Transmission Rights
03/06 Ilic/Lave Material Review; Simulations Demonstrations
03/08 Ilic Mid-term Exam
03/20 Lave/Ilic/Blumsack Financial Transmission Rights and Flowgates [1], Ch 6
03/22 Lave/Ilic Two-part Tariffs; Peak-load Pricing for Transmission Pricing
03/27 Lave Distributed Generation; Integration and Reliability Contributions
03/29 Ilic Potential Problems with Distributed Generation
04/03 Ilic/Lave Investment in Generation for Regulated Industry
04/05 Lave/Ilic Investment in Generation in the Changing Industry
04/10 Lave/Ilic/Blumsack Investment in Transmission: Old and New
04/12 Ilic/Wu Dynamics of Generation Schduling in the Changing Industry (Managing Risks)
04/17 Ilic/Lave Vertical Integration; Centralizations; Economies of Scope; Low-risk Technologies; (N-1) Reliability Criteria
04/19 TBA TBA
04/24 Ilic/Lave Industry Unbundling; Decentralization; Economies of Scope; New Technologies; Flexible Corrective On-Line Decision Making
04/26 Dr. Carl Bozzuto TBA
05/01 Ilic Review
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