DWL66 Laser Photolithography System

Heidelberg Instruments DWL66 Laser Photolithography System


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Usage Policy

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Name Office Extension Email
Peter Gilgunn HH 1209 Link Link

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Qualified Users List

Name Office Extension Email
Mask Writing Only
Fernando Alfaro   Link Link
Sarah Bedair HH 1209 Link Link
George Lopez   Link Link
Yonduck Sang      
Li Wang      
Jui-Min Yang      
Bohzi Yang      
Yongjun (Jay) Zhao      
Mask Writing and Chip Lithography
Chiung-Cheng Lo HH A212 Link Link
Amy Wung HH 1209 Link Link

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Standard Operating Procedures

General Operating Procedures

User Guide 1

User Guide 2

Conversion Software Guide

Grayscale Guide

Appendix A Gerber

Appendix B Cif

Appendix C GDSII

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Application Notes

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Useful Links

Thick Film Lithography Using Laserwrite

Laser Beam Direct Write Lithography

Design rules for DWL mask generation from Princeton

Additional information from the MEMS Lab Intranet

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  • Fang Chen oversaw the installation of a new stage in Oct 2004, and suggested that:
    • Avoid moving the stage by hand when loading your masks
    • Platen is now good for 3 and 4 inch masks and so does not need to be changed frequently
    • For mask writing, all you need to do behind the glass is put your mask down in the center of the plate, select the filter and start writing
  • George Lopez noted a decreased laser power output in April 2005.

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