CMU MEMS Laboratory Publication Abstract


in Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, Volume 95, Issue 2-3, pp. 175-182, January 2002.
CMOS-MEMS Membrane for Audio-Frequency Acoustic Actuation
J. Neumann and K. Gabriel
Using CMOS-MEMS micromachining techniques we have constructed a prototype earphone that generates audible acoustic output from 40 Hz to 10 kHz. The fabrication of the acoustic membrane consists of only two additional steps subsequent to the prior post-CMOS micromachining steps developed at Carnegie Mellon University [Sens. Actuat. A 57 (1996) 103-110]. The ability to build a membrane directly within a standard CMOS chip, integrating mechanical structures with signal processing electronics will enable a variety of applications including economical earphones, microphones, hearing aids, high-fidelity earphones, cellular phones and noise cancellation earphones and devices.
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Full paper not available from outside CMU

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