CMU MEMS Laboratory Publication Abstract


in Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Simulation and Design of Microsystems and Microstructures (Microsim), pp. 175-183, September 26-28, 1995, Southampton, UK.
Modeling and Simulation of Microresonators with Meander Suspensions
G. Fedder and K. H. Clark
Surface-micromachined comb-drive resonators suspended by meander springs are modeled and simulated. General analytic expressions for lateral spring constants and effective mass of meander springs are derived and verified by finite-element simulations. The spring constant equations are accurate to within 1% over a wide range of geometries. Analytic, simulated, and measured resonant frequency values agree to within 0.3% for each of ten different microresonator designs.
© 1995 Computational Mechanics Publications.
Full paper not available from outside CMU

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