CMU MEMS Laboratory Publication Abstract


in Technical Digest of the 11th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors and Actuators (TRANSDUCERS), pp. 1548-1551, June 10-14, 2001, Munich, Germany.
CMOS Micromachined Infrared Imager Pixel
H. Lakdawala and G. Fedder
We report a CMOS micromachined infrared (IR) sensitive pixel that senses temperature by measuring capacitance change due to lateral motion induced by differences in thermal coefficient of expansion (TCE) of two materials. The temperature-induced capacitance change is measured by an on - chip circuit with input d.c. bias feedback and double-correlated sampling. The device is fabricated using a standard 0.5 µm CMOS process followed by a maskless CMOS micromachining process. The area of the pixel sense element is 800 µm². Measured pixel sensitivity is 0.57 V/K with equivalent temperature noise of 6 mK/Hz½, corresponding to 0.2 aF/Hz½ of equivalent capacitance noise.
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Full paper not available from outside CMU

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