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in Proceedings of ASME Winter Annual Conference (ASME WAM), pp. 113-118, November 16-21, 1997, Dallas, TX, USA.
Nodal Simulation of Suspended MEMS With Multiple Degrees of Freedom
J. E. Vandemeer, M. S. Kranz and G. Fedder
A mixed-domain schematic representation compatible with node-based behavioral simulators is developed for rapid design of suspended microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Hierarchical models of several basic microelectromechanical elements are created. The components are interconnected to represent both devices and more complex systems. Using beams, masses, and electrostatic actuators as the fundamental building blocks, a nodal simulation of complete in-plane motion of a crab-leg resonator demonstrates the design approach. Electrical properties are included in the component models, enabling electrical and electromechanical signal analysis to be performed. This work is part of an continuing project that eventually will provide full six DOF models for a broad class of MEMS. A circuit-level methodology for simulating
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